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Founded in 1988 by Hamburg-born Christian Wölffer, Wölffer Estate Vineyard is a vision-casting American winery with a decidedly European character. A 55-acre vineyard located in Sagaponack, in the heart of the Hamptons, these former potato fields have become the quality benchmark of Long Island winemaking today by producing roughly more than 50,000 cases of wine and hard cider each year.

The winery is located on the same property as Wölffer Estate Stables, a premier equestrian facility that lends the iconic horse imagery to Wölffer Estate Vineyard’s elegant packaging. It is considered among the “second wave” of wineries on Long Island and will soon be celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Wölffer Estate is one of only three vineyards located in the Hamptons appellation. Critics have noted that there is a palpable difference in the terroir of the South Fork, with its Bridgehampton loam soil and cool ocean breeze.

In addition, there is a distinct atmosphere at Wölffer Estate that is unlike other wineries. Its tasting room and terrace offer airy yet cozy spaces and views of the vines that make visitors feel as if they’ve escaped to Europe for a day. Wölffer Estate also offers table service to its guests and a gracious experience on par with our Hamptons locale.
Wölffer Estate also is the only vineyard on the East End (and perhaps the East Coast) making wine internationally. It owns vineyards in Mallorca and Mendoza, making its Finca Wölffer wines from these vines. It is also one of the few estates making hard cider and, coming in 2016, spirits.

The ocean breeze, the length of the growing season and number of degree days, the mineral-soil, the proximity to water, and the passion and commitment of the people who’s calling is to make wine in this beautiful place—these all contribute to the quality and character of the wines from the East End. The wines of Wölffer Estate have the hallmarks of the South Fork’s particular terroir: its Bridgehampton loam soil, cool ocean breeze and vines approaching their third decade of continuous growth.

As winemaker and Partner Roman Roth would say, when he arrived on the East End in 1982, he discovered a place where there weren’t growing restrictions, as in other places in the world. You could grow Chardonnay next to Merlot, for example. It was a region that was new and full of vibrant promise. And that commitment to and enthusiasm for making world-class wine continues to day and is strengthened by the addition of many new, often young and all talented winemakers from all over the world.


Buses/Limos Accepted: By Appointment Only

Large Groups: By Appointment Only

Good for kids: Yes

Picnic Friendly: No

Weddings: Yes

Pet friendly: No

Events: Yes

Weekly Events: Yes

Tours: Yes

Wine Club: Yes


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