Lenz Winery

Key Features
  • Group Tours
  • Music
  • Open Year Round
  • Pet Friendly
  • Private Parties
  • Tasting Room
  • Weddings

The Lenzes immersed themselves in Long Island’s developing wine region, working with the Hargraves to establish the Long Island Wine Council. Over the course of almost four decades, Lenz Winery has produced rich, complex, food-friendly wines that only get better with age.

In 1988 the Lenzes passed the reins to the current owners, Peter and Deborah Carroll who already had a successful vineyard in nearby Cutchogue. Peter and Deborah were, and are just as committed to the quality of the Lenzes.

In 1996, The Lenz Winery made the bold move to hold their first of many blind tastings. They pulled together an impressive panel of master sommeliers, masters of wine, wine writers, and wine educators and had them taste and compare Lenz wines with the best from internationally renowned French producers. The panel was told what each flight contained and were then asked to rate and distinguish the wines. The tasters enjoyed the challenge, knowing that there were such distinguished French wines involved, and were certain that they would be able to tell them apart from the Lenz wines. In general, however, when the wines were revealed, they discovered that it is not at all easy to make the distinction.