Laurel Lake Vineyards

3165 Main Rd Laurel, NY GET DIRECTIONS


(631) 298-1420


Mon-Thur: 11AM-5PM
Fri: 11AM-5PM
Sat: 11AM-7PM
Sun: 11AM-6PM
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General Manager:


Laurel Lake Vineyards is nestled in the heart of the Long Island wine country in Laurel, on the North Fork of Long Island, NY. It is a world apart; quiet, agricultural with abundant natural beauty.

Laurel Lake Winery is housed within the elegant colonial-style building with a tasting room highlighted by an antique landmark bar, stained windows and a gift shop with varied and unique items. The expansive two story deck overlooking the Vineyard provides an opportunity for guests to enjoy a glass of wine while enjoying the scenery, Laurel Lake Vineyards regularly schedules live music, tours and specials events for the whole family. It is such a wonderful place that every year many couples choose to celebrate their wedding with us.

Laurel Lake Vineyards was acquired by a group of Chilean and American vintner friends with the passion for wine. They came here looking for beauty and for the unique wines that this geography provides. They found in Laurel Lake Vineyards the “Jewel of Long Island”, where their dreams came true.

Experience their passion for Winemaking. Try their fabulous wines, discover their essence, aromas and flavors in a friendly atmosphere with a great view of the Vineyard.


Buses/Limos Accepted: Buses By Appointment Only

Large Groups: Buses By Appointment Only

Good for kids: Yes

Picnic Friendly: No

Weddings: Yes

Pet friendly:

Events: Yes

Weekly Events: Yes

Tours: Yes

Wine Club: Yes

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