Channing Daughters Winery

1927 Scuttlehole Road Bridgehampton, NY GET DIRECTIONS




Mon-Thur: 11AM-5PM
Fri: 11AM-5PM
Sat: 11AM-5PM
Sun: 11AM-5PM

General Manager:

Allison Dubin EMAIL

Channing Daughters grow vines and create wines from over two-dozen grape varieties on a beautiful, breeze-filled 28-acre plot of land in Bridgehampton, on the South Fork of Long Island’s East End. Its location accounts for a hospitable growing environment for a wide and unique array of grapes.

Channing Daughters allows its wine to naturally express the earth from which the vines are grown. It does so by applying traditional and artisanal methods to wine making, including

Starting with intense and careful culture of its vines, Channing Daughters hand-picks all grapes. White grapes are whole cluster pressed while red grapes are stomped by foot and punched down by hand into fermentation tanks. All wine is gravity bottled, topping off a host of methods that remain both traditional and artisanal.

Small and unique vineyard lots of grapes are fermented and bottled separately, bearing a Vineyard Designation and Appellation of Origin. Channing Daughters is proud to produce wines bearing all three Long Island AVA’s.

Channing Daughters is committed to continually pushing the boundaries of artisanal experimentation. It believes there are different foods, occasions, people, seasons and moods that demand different flavors, smells, textures and styles of wine. To this end every wine it creates is a delicious expression of our place in Long Island.


Buses/Limos Accepted: By Appointment Only

Large Groups: By Appointment Only

Good for kids: No

Picnic Friendly: No

Weddings: No

Pet friendly: No

Events: No

Weekly Events: No

Tours: No

Wine Club: Yes


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